Will my child benefit from Yoga?

Does your child struggle with anxiety or confidence? Does your child display nervous or aggressive behavior when faced with certain situations? Often behaviour like this is triggered by unprocessed or suppressed internal emotions. The childs intention is not to manipulate or annoy you but instead they are struggling to process …

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We are here to help you and your family on your body and mind wellbeing journey with your family from Mother & Baby Yoga to Acro Yoga!

Our tag line is “Get Connected and Get Stronger” and that’s exactly what we will do here through our online resources and video tutorials, blog posts and of course our LIVE sessions and workshops!

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About Gemma Page

Meet Gemma Page

Gemma Page, wife and mum of 4, has been teaching Children’s Yoga and Family Yoga since 2014 in community groups and within schools having helped over 700 children along with their parents and teachers enjoy Yoga!

“My favourite part of teaching children Yoga is seeing a child amaze themselves by doing something they didn’t think they could do or notice something about themselves they hadn’t noticed before, like how amazing they really are!”

The Benefits Of Yoga for Children

Teaches self acceptance and self love

Encourages cooperation and teamwork

Develops self-discipline and self control

Benefits of Yoga for Children - Peace and Self Confidence

Increases sensory awareness and general body awareness

Teaches how to relax and reduce stress

Encourages compassion, generosity and respect


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