Will my child benefit from Yoga?

Does your child struggle with anxiety or confidence? Does your child display nervous or aggressive behavior when faced with certain situations?

Often behaviour like this is triggered by unprocessed or suppressed internal emotions. The childs intention is not to manipulate or annoy you but instead they are struggling to process an emotion that keeps reoccuring when triggered by certain situations.

Whilst Yoga itself is not a “magic” cure it does help the child notice their feelings and gives space and time to process some of their feelings without judgement.

Instead of removing the situation, such as avoiding it to keep the child happy/protected (which doesn’t solve the problem when they are faced with the situation unexpectedly when you are not in control of their environment) it is far more important for them to take time to notice their feelings and build resilience from there. It’s definitely a skill and it does take practice – but it’s such an important skill which will serve them for the rest of their life.

Yoga is a science which understands that the body and mind are connected and so to pay attention to both creates and maintains internal balance – resulting in external (behavior) balance too!

Whilst we have lots of fun in Children’s Yoga and from the outside it may look like nothing serious is going on, underneath there is important repair and restoration happening within each and every child and adult!

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