Acro Yoga

“I love to do Acro Yoga myself and I noticed when I taught some of the balances and flying poses to children they became so empowered! I’m passionate about helping Parents and Children learn Acro Yoga as it’s beneficial for both and builds that Parent-Child connection and communication that’s so important!”

Gemma enjoys practicing Acro Yoga with her husband and own children too! She has designed Norfolks first ever Level 1 Acro Yoga 6 week course for Parents and Children you can view the next course here

“I’m nervously excited! I’ve always been the one to lift/fly the children but often they were waiting around for their turn so I felt by teaching Parents and Children together both the children and parents would get the best out of it”

Here’s what it looks like:

123 Yoga Tree’s newest course is packed full of strength, balance and trust. Acro Yoga uses counterbalancing Yoga poses to create an impressive display of strength and trust.

This level 1 course is designed for Parents/Grandparents/Carers and their Children aged 5 – 10years old to work together. It will focus on building physical core strength and flexibility for both adult and child as well as the important aspect of balance and communication between adult and child. If you are looking to increase the bond with your child this is the perfect course for you to literally lean on each other for support to perform the poses together.

The first 3 weeks of this level 1 course will focus on the Yoga basics of listening to your body, breathing, poses and relaxation/mindfulness – it is essential for you to complete these foundation weeks before moving into the more challenging Acro Yoga poses.

To book onto the next course go to the Classes page!

We look forward to you learning to fly with us!

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