Fun Yoga sessions for Families

Family Yoga

Family Yoga is all about having fun with children because we love getting connected and getting stronger! Learn about mindfulness, yoga poses, breathing and partner work (may even include some Acro Yoga!)

Sessions are held at Wroxham Hub once a month. To find out when the next session is or to book click here.

Unlike traditional classes just for adults we want to promote family connection! Family Yoga is a really great way to reconnect, encourage and support each other. It also gives you the opportunity to connect with other families in the community. You can do this fitness thing together, without having to take extra time to do separate classes. You can be silly together and show your children you are wiling to give new things a go.

Sessions include fun games, strength poses, breathing exercises and always finish with relaxation. This might seem awkward or alien at first but don’t worry. The more you and your child practices relaxation the more normal and natural it will become. We can give you some activities and scripts to help practice at home.

Practising yoga together regularly helps the whole family bond. Children love being physically close to their parents, especially climbing on them/crawling under them. You can give them permission to indulge in this in Family Yoga!

Have some fun quality time together, stretch out those achy bits and indulge in some relaxation too 😉

Family Yoga is priced at £10 for 1 adult and 1 child and £3 per extra adult/child

Hop over to our yoga CLASSES page to book xx

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