Mum & Baby Yoga

Postnatal Yoga is the perfect “first” exercise for a new mum; it’s low impact (no jumping or squatting!) and uses mindful movement and breathing to help heal and repair the abdominal area and pelvic floor.

Bonus feature! You can bring your baby too!

Baby Yoga & Massage has many therapeutic benefits helping baby transition from womb to world; baby yoga helps mum & baby bond and aids sensory development.

Everything learnt during Mum & Baby Yoga is take-away so you can continue to practice at home to keep that familiarity of repetition and feeling of inner peace.

Having a supportive group of mums around you whilst you are transitioning to your new role and new baby is so important, you will connect with like-minded mums as you go through the course learning together – some of the mums I met during Baby Yoga I’m still good friends with many years later!

Our 6 week Mum & Baby courses are designed for babies aged 10 weeks+. All equipment is provided, come as you are (even half asleep, you won’t be judged!) literally all you need to do is make it out the house!

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  1. I started baby yoga when my daughter was 9 weeks old. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, as I had never completed any yoga courses before, but we both absolutely loved it. Each session was really relaxing and it was fantastic learning new ways to hold my daughter, as well as ways to help with flexibility. Learning about the tiger in the tree hold was one of the best things ever! It instantly calmed her when she was upset and allowed me to do other things when holding her. As for the final relaxation stage – it is pure bliss! Those few minutes of quiet contemplation and rest were amazing. Even months after completing the course we still regularly practice many of the songs and moves we learnt. I would highly recommend baby yoga and especially Gemma – she is a fantastic teacher, who was quick to encourage and assist with restless babies.

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