You think you can’t do Yoga?

So you think you can’t do Yoga?

Family Yoga and Children’s Yoga is PLAYFUL, FUN Yoga for children and adults!

Often adults think Yoga is all about perfect, impossible poses using the super strength of Captain America, the balance of an olympic gymnast and general hypermobility. In short when they see the word ‘Yoga’ they think of this:

Let’s break a myth here. Whilst this may be the END goal, it’s never where most people start naturally or even where you will be in a few weeks – it takes years of practice and discipline and ultimately you have to want to achieve this advanced level to get there. You don’t have to have this strength and flexibility to take part in Yoga classes! For many people they want to get stronger, fitter, a bit more flexible and reduce stress so unless you WANT to attempt this in my Family Yoga classes, I will not expect you or your children to break out this pose! Tree pose, however, we have a great game for 😉

You do not need to be flexible, athletic, toned or even strong (but you may feel a little bit more of these things afterwards!) we often end up in crumpled heaps on the floor, but that’s OK! (We had fun doing it!)

If you can bring a smile, some laughter and an open heart with a sense of fun you can do Family Yoga for sure!

Family Yoga means CONNECTING with yourself (your body) and your child! We are “playing” with Yoga poses, trying them out and noticing how we feel, the only limits in these classes are our own!

It can include dancing, singing, laughing, acrobatics, games and even shouting! Trust me, it’s a confidence builder when controlled!

We can learn all about animals, letters, numbers and so much more through fun games and exercises. I use playful ways to introduce poses (both strength and stretches) and breathing to young children and tailor each session to the group in the room; from adventurous exploring toddlers to acrobatic 13 year olds! (They can even do moves together!)

Families who live together can do Yoga together – a shared space is a sacred space for learning and bonding. Children learn from everyone and their imaginations and energy are sparked by all ages so mixing different age children in a family yoga session is very healthy and encouraged.

Yoga for children has been shown to increase self awareness, confidence and concentration as well as satisfy their innate desire to move, jump, roll, bend and play – building core strength and flexibility.

123 Yoga Tree has all sorts of surprises waiting for you in Norwich! No two yoga classes can ever be the same!

So you thought you couldn’t do Yoga? Think again….

What do you think?