Acro Yoga combines stillness with movement

How Staying Still helps in Moving Forward

“Abyhasa” – Steady effort in the direction you want to go.

When we notice and accept where we are now we get given the gift of choice. Stay there, or move forward/change.

Do you like where you are? Does it feel good? Does it feel restricted? Does it feel painful?

Empowerment comes from having control of our choices every step of the way….that’s when we learn self-love and truly discover how amazing and powerful we are!

Yoga helps children learn where they are and discover where they want to be by giving them space to take notice. This will be different for every child and it’s not something that requires direction – trust your child with this!

Yoga is a practice, meaning you are not accepting all is as is FOREVER or standing still, stopping indefinitely, but you are simply taking a moment to notice before moving forward again; taking time to notice more, learn more, feel more….to ultimately do more.

Accepting where you are doesn’t mean stopping where you are going – quite the opposite; it gives you renewed strength to GO again! ❤❤

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