WholeMum “energy without Sugar or Caffeine” Hot Chocolate ?

I’m a mum, I get it, you’re tired, biscuits and coffee seem like the only answer (sometimes they are) but left unchecked this disastrous spiral of addiction and riding the emotion “eating your feelings” rollercoaster can get waaaay outta control! I’ve been there. We all know how all-consuming and damaging sugar and caffeine can be and how hard breaking free of the cycle is when you’re JUST. SO. TIRED. So how about some energy without the slumps? Actual sustained energy anyone? Here’s how…..

If you’ve never heard of the terms “Bulletproof” or “Keto” here’s my take on them…

They refer to foods which are high in healthy fat (I.e not processed trans-fats) and low in processed carbohydrates and sugars. That’s all, nothing crazy ?

Note: I didn’t say “no” I said “low” and the word “processed” is important too.

I have followed a “Keto” style of eating for many more years than it’s been popular or even called “Keto” and I’ve never calorie counted in my life. This is not because I don’t care about what I eat, quite the opposite….I care more about what is in what I eat, than the calorific value of that food. Not all calories are equal; when it comes to processed food vs wholefood, I’ll take the higher calorie wholefood option over the low calorie goodness-knows-what filled processed “whatever” everytime.


Because I know my body can put the whole foods to good use instead of trying to battle with and get rid of the foreign invaders of low cost “hunger busters”. My energy comes from fat; healthy fats are a much more efficient fuel source than sugar.

So, here’s my (probably loads of calories) wholefood, energy-packed, brain-fuelling, cell-healing start to the day, or afternoon (I am breastfeeding ?) with the added bonus of no caffeine 🙂

If you are in need of caffeine and your body is accustomed to it OR you particularly want a metabolism boost then please feel free to switch the cacao for coffee or add coffee in for a mocha version 🙂


1tsp Raw Cacao powder

1tsp Coconut Oil

2tsp extra thick cream (or Oat Cream/Almond Milk)

1tsp Honey – Raw and local is best

1 scoop powdered Collagen Creamer (optional)

Pinch Pink Himalayan Salt



Add both powders with the cream and salt into a large mug and add a small amount of cold water – mix into a paste.

Add hot water, coconut oil and honey and stir (use a high speed frother to blend)

Top with cinnamon

This recipe makes 1.5 cups of Hot Chocolate, I make it in a travel tumbler with a dual purpose – to hold more in and keep it warm for longer so I can sip whilst caring for my new baby. You know how it is – hot drinks are WAAAAAY harder to manage with a baby….so tumbler-it!

Enjoy 🙂

What do you think?