Why do we have to categorise kids?

Blue, pink, boy, girl, sporting skills or academic ability; why do we persist in categorising our kids at every opportunity?


It’s all too common these days for a child to be raised in a ‘way’, via a method, a system or under a banner that aims to impose a series of rules upon them and establish expectations of their development from a young age. It could be an educational based program, a method of managing sleep patterns or temper tantrums, maybe a way to depict how they are more than their gender deems; whatever happened to kids just being kids?


Is there a benefit to the labels that we pin on our little people?


I personally feel that we should let the fruits of our procreation live a little more freely, let them develop their own skills in their own way in their own time and go on to carve their own path into adulthood. Good manners, respect for others and kindness shouldn’t go amiss but maybe installing a sense of pass or fail should, maybe we shouldn’t determine their goodness by their quietness or cleverness by their keenness to communicate in a more adult manner; why can’t they just be embraced for their efforts and given the confidence to allow themselves to be in the moment, to understand that being them is a forever kind of journey of discovery?


Instead of adding pressure to the lives of young beings via examinations, rigid (adult based) expectations and segregation maybe we could instead teach them methods in managing stress and maintaining mindfulness to help them to cope in later years. Instead of wanting our toddlers to be more grown up in alien situations we could pause to consider the world through their eyes and too learn to live every moment as a new adventure, bringing them comfort and calm rather than unfathomable chaos.


This blog is not intended to berate any particular style of parenting but more it’s purpose is to draw attention to how our children may see the world rather than how we want to see them in it; do we catagorise our kids too much?

Guest Blog by Kelly Bond – Grow Her Wild – www.growherwild.com


What do you think?