New Year Intentions for Children

Setting New Year Intentions with Children

HAPPY NEW YEAR from 123 Yoga Tree!
I’m sure you are all hearing about New Years Resolutions by now, maybe you have set some in place for yourself, maybe you didn’t set any or maybe they are all finished by now 😉 I like to call mine “intentions” as it sets a positive mindset that even if I fail, my intentions were thought about in advance.

Have any of your children set any New Year Intentions?

We often talk about setting intentions in Yoga to make sure our heart is in the right place before we take action. It’s really a form of Mindfulness; stopping to notice why and what we are doing and how we feel about it, rather than just doing it without thinking or even realising what we are doing 🙂
Here are 4 simple ideas to help intention setting with children the New Year:

  1. Something I will DO
  2. Something I will LEARN
  3. Something I will BE
  4. Something I will NOTICE

Lots of times we focus on the first one at New Years but have you thought about the others? Here’s how discuss and build connection with your child using a New Years Intention activity:

  1. Something I will DO: Children may be overloaded with ideas for this one and that’s a good thing, maybe the discussion will help them recognise the something they want to do MOST. Out of all the things they want to do, take time to listen and understand what is the most important thing to them that they want to do…it may surprise you!
  2. Something I will LEARN: Make sure not to encourage what you want them to learn but take a step make and notice what they are naturally drawn to, this will show you what they have a natural interest in and we know that if a child is interested in something that is when they will learn the most. Don’t worry if it doesn’t seem useful right now, once you find it and they start to learn it will evolve into new areas – trust them and support them with their intention to learn (whatever it may be).
  3. Something I will BE: I love this one! It opens up a whole discussion on personal qualities. Examples might be “I will be KIND” or “I will be HELPFUL” (Our Yoga Cards can help with this discussion both to suggest personal qualities they like and also once the intention is set they can practice the pose and say the affirmation that matches their intention so that their brain creates a connective bond between the intention and being for maximum intention setting).
  4. Something I will NOTICE: How often do we stop and notice? During a Childrens Yoga Class my intention is always to encourage and support children (and their parents) to notice what they are doing, notice how where they can feel a pose working in their body, notice their physical limitations, notice what their thoughts are doing, notice their breath etc, etc. We know that we all benefit from Mindfulness so this intention is encouraging us to engage Mindfulness in a practical way this year. An example might be “I will notice my feet on the ground every morning when I walk to school”

Once they have set their intentions, give them a massive hug and let them know how proud you are that they spent time thinking on how they can make this year a great one!

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