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Every week I teach various age groups in schools and create games with with my own children. I share my tips, observations and ideas that come to me via email to help you navigate this wild ride of raising "balanced" and "mindful" children. You can download free printables, relaxation scripts, and class/game ideas to use straight away. I'm not shy about sharing what does and doesn't work with the children I teach!

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Which Yoga Pose for you child?

Is your child super energised all the time? Or maybe a little more zzzzzz?
Do they need help with managing stress and anxiety or combatting "gamer posture"?
Take our short quiz to find out which pose is best for your child and a tutorial on how to make it fun too!

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Acro Yoga

Parent & Child Classes
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Family Yoga

Parent & Child Classes
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Yoga In School

Child Classes
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Pre-School to Tween

Child Classes
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Children’s Yoga

Children's Yoga is designed for Children to "play yoga" learning Yoga poses and mindfulness techniques whilst co-creating the class together. Yoga is a form of physical education that helps school-aged children by developing both the right and left sides of the brain, helping students concentrate more deeply and sustaining their motivation to learn. Whilst the number of yoga teachers has mushroomed as Yoga has caught on with adults, unfortunately the…

Yoga In Schools

Gemma holds an Enhanced DBS check and has been working in schools across Norfolk since 2016 the types of sessions she can cover are: Breakfast Clubs After-School Clubs Holiday Workshops Class Workshops Health Days (multiple school classes across one day) Parent and Child after-school courses Teacher and Teaching Assistant training for Basic Yoga and Mindfulness concepts in the classroom and sample lesson plans. Teachers have reported increased levels of concentration…

Acro Yoga

"I love to do Acro Yoga myself and I noticed when I taught some of the balances and flying poses to children they became so empowered! I'm passionate about helping Parents and Children learn Acro Yoga as it's beneficial for both and builds that Parent-Child connection and communication that's so important!" Gemma enjoys practicing Acro Yoga with her husband and own children too! She has designed Norfolks first ever Level…

Mum & Baby Yoga

123 Yoga Tree is a Children’s Yoga School that teaches mindfulness, breathing, relaxation and builds strength to reduce emotional stress and anxiety.

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The Benefits Of Yoga for Children

Teaches self acceptance and self love

Increases sensory awareness and general body awareness

Encourages cooperation and teamwork

Teaches how to relax and reduce stress

Develops self-discipline and self control

Encourages compassion, generosity and respect


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    Gemma blogs of a variety of lifestyle topics for families and ideas to get healthier.

    Why do we have to categorise kids?

    It’s all too common these days for a child to be raised in a ‘way’, via a method, a system or under a banner that aims to impose a series of rules upon them and establish expectations of their development from a young age.