We exist to help children and their families connect in body and mind, but also connect with each other and their community.

About Us

Gemma Page is a Registered Yoga Teacher for Children with Yoga Alliance UK, She also teaches Yin Yoga, QiGong and is an NLP, Hypnosis and Breathwork coach and Energy Healer.

123 Yoga Tree is owned and run as a family business. Gemma has been providing Yoga Classes for Parents and Children since 2014 in Norfolk, Suffolk, France, Spain and in the docks of Nassau, Bahamas on top of a cruise ship in the morning sun! After having trained with some of the most experienced, knowledgeable and highly recognised providers in the UK – Birthlight and Rainbow Kids, Gemma’s journey through her own yoga practice has evolved and taken on many practical and holistic modalities as she becomes more experienced and deepens into her inner wisdom.

Gemma’s Story

Gemma fell in love with Yoga whilst pregnant with her third child in 2013. “Pregnancy Yoga and Hypnobirthing set the scene for the most wonderfully relaxed birth I could have hoped for”
Shortly after she was attending Baby Yoga sessions regularly, she decided to train to teach. So with a 6 month old baby in arms she set off down to London and her Birthlight journey began, a year later after successfully completing her coursework she became fully qualified. “My own baby became my “Yoga doll” and it was so fun for everyone on my course to see how a real baby responded to Baby Yoga”

During her Birthlight training Gemma discovered Rainbow Kids Yoga which she felt could really benefit her older children. Rainbow Kids Yoga are an authority of the Kids Yoga world – their training is world class standard and life-changing! “My oldest child had recently come out of school as I saw it negatively affecting his confidence at just age 5” So once again she headed down to London, camping this time, with a baby, older children and husband! “My whole family all got to participate in the training at various points too!”
“I loved the Rainbow Kids Training – it was so diverse and encouraged us to recognise and develop our strengths rather than try to become a certain “type” of Children’s Yoga Teacher. I discovered my strengths are Acro Yoga and Creative Yoga Games.”

How far we’ve come and what we do

Gemma has been teaching Children’s Yoga and Family Yoga since 2014 in community groups and within schools having helped over 1000 children along with their parents and teachers enjoy Yoga! She teaches Yoga in a fun and engaging way that focuses on helping children recognise how their body gives them feedback, remembering to notice the feedback regulary and how to manage different energy states.
“I help the children build healthy habits of checking in on how their body feels and taking notice. This really empowers children to realise they already know how to manage stress and anxiety.”

“I encourage them to figure out what works for them through trial and error of various mindfulness and breathing techniques. Once they know their favourite way to calm themselves in a challenging situation it means stress and anxiety doesn’t have to take over and become a problem for them.”

Not local? No problem, we’ve got mail and Yoga Cards! 😉

You can “Get Connected and Get Stronger” with us! Through our at-home practice downloads and video tutorials, our Yoga Cards and our super emails which give you lots of tips and tools!

Yoga should be practiced at home not just in a studio. It’s really important for you to show your children Yoga can be practised anywhere, anytime. We are creating and testing new games and ideas all the time, you can keep up to date by joining our mailing list where I share them after my classes and give away freebies too!

Enquire about 123 Yoga Tree visiting your school by emailing us here

You can invite us to your studio for Acro Yoga workshops or book us for your group to explore our “Beginners Guide to Yoga for Anxiety” – we’d love to hear from you!

What’s Next?

We are working on a number of exciting projects including looking for a space to call “home” to Kids Yoga in North Norfolk.

We will be producing more Resources for Children at home which make great gifts for the children in your life 🙂

It would really help us to tailor more of what you want if you could comment what you are most interested in learning more about in our comments section!