Mum and Baby Yoga is often cited as an activity for babies to enjoy Yoga, help calm them and stimulate normal development when actually, it’s really beneficial for both of you!

As mums we often feel a pressure to put baby first and go to activities for our baby’s benefit but with Mum and Baby Yoga you get to look after YOU too!

I’m super passionate about mums connecting with other mums and the community as well as their baby. It’s also really important for you to look after your post-natal body which is full of relaxing hormones from breastfeeding which can often fool you into doing more activity than is necessary and possibly doing some unknown damage (I’ve been a victim of this!) so it’s important to learn to practice Mindful movement of our body and pay attention to helping our body heal from the inside out.

See, it’s not just about your baby, here at 123 Yoga Tree we care about BOTH of you!


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