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Yoga and Mindset Cards for Children

Yoga and Affirmations are both proven to reduce stress and anxiety. These cards help them do both and get stronger through play. 

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I am....Yoga Cards by 123 Yoga Tree


Designed for children by a Childrens Yoga Teacher and her 3 children

Beautifully Illustrated

Maryana the illustrator has carefully hand-drawn each card to show the pose and the object each pose mimics.

Encourages Children

Each phrase is empowering and is exactly what children need to see, hear and say

I am Brave

Comes with Games to play!

10+ games which can be easily played each day - 5 minutes of Yoga and Mindset makes a big difference!

I am Daring

Fun and Engaging

Perfect for using at home as personal practice, as a family or in a group/classroom.

Supported by

To help you get the most out of these cards and find what works for your child we are here to support you. Get access to Yoga and Mindset Games on our website, YouTube video tutorials and some gorgeous printable worksheets which encourage creative drawing, writing practice, exploring emotions (reflective writing) and emotional intelligence.

Sample printables pack included for FREE with every purchase!

Customer Reviews

Bought and recommended by Mums, Dads, Teachers, Nursery Assistants and Yoga Teachers!

"I gave them no help at all so it's amazeballs that even the little ones will join in with the games. Great product!"
Kat J.
Mum of 4
"These should be used as part of therapy"
Shani S.
Mum of 4
"These are really good for children with learning difficulties because they are so simple."
Caitlan P.
SEN Youth Worker

Suitable for all ages

Use these cards as a tool to reduce anxiety and stress for your family, start living confidently!


Everything you need to know

How big are the cards?

The cards are A6 postcard size 4″ x 6″ 

are they suitable for children under 5?

Absolutely. They are printed on thick, laminated card with rounded edges making them durable and safe for under 5’s. 

How much are they?

Each pack is £10 plus P & P via UK Royal Mail. You can choose 1st class or 2nd class at the checkout. 

We offer combined shipping for multiple packs.

do you ship outside of the UK?

Yes. We are currently shipping to Ireland, E.U, USA, Canada and Australia. 

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