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  • 2019/09/04 -
  • 12 Members
  • 04:30 PM - 05:45 PM
  • Child Classes
  • Wroxham Hub, 114 Norwich Road
  • Wednesdays


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New groups starting Wednesdays in October 2019

Click below to reserve your child a mat now (Spaces are strictly limited to 12 children)

First 2 classes HALF PRICE!

Classes £5 per session paid termly.

Held at Wroxham Hub

  • YOGA YOUNGSTARS:  4.30pm – 5.45pm Ages 6 – 9 years
  • TWEEN WELLBEING YOGA: 5.45pm – 7pm Ages 9 – 12
Yoga poses

Your child will learn a wide range of Yoga poses and how to tailor them for their own health and wellbeing.

Breathing and Mindfulness

They will learn the most effective ways to breathe, focus, relax physically and relax mentally to reduce stress and anxiety. They will recognise challenging feelings and develop skills to restore emotional resilience before they become physical symptoms of distress.

Stillness and Relaxation

They will work on becoming comfortable with stillness and experiencing the benefits it brings…this takes regular practice and reminder, it is not an instant thing so we build it up slowly at their pace.


Tailored for Today’s Children

Yoga Youngstars and Tween Wellbeing Yoga is lots of fun with games and is a challenging physical activity but also has a serious purpose. Yoga and Mindfulness forms a life skill that Children will be able to call upon in difficult times. It’s no secret that the mental health of children and teenagers is becoming out of control. Children are over-stimulated and overwhelmed. Confidence and self-worth is plummeting. I am confident we can restore the balance for our children by practicing yoga regularly and building positive habits to re-connect with themselves.

To book your child onto a mat in either class please click the button below:

To book your child onto a mat in either class just click the button below:
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