Family Yoga

Fun Yoga sessions for Families

Class Information

  • 2019/05/04 -
  • 7 Members
  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Parent & Child Classes
  • Wroxham Hub, 114 Norwich Road
  • Saturdays (once a month)


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Family Yoga is all about having fun with your children, getting connected and getting stronger! We will be learning about mindfulness techniques, yoga poses, breathing techniques and partner work (we may even include some Acro Yoga!)

Unlike traditional Yoga for adults 123 Yoga Tree wants to support families and promote family connection! It’s Family-Friendly HIGH ENERGY YOGA (with relaxation too!)

Family Yoga is a really great way to bond, reconnect, encourage and support each other and other families in the community. Adults and children can do this “fitness thing” together, without having to eat up extra time to do seperate classes, they can be silly together and show they are wiling to give it a go! Sessions include fun games, strength poses, breathing exercises and relaxation

Through practicing family yoga the whole family becomes united, energised, rejuvenated and connected in body and mind. Children love being physically close to their parents and especially climbing on them/crawling under them – Family Yoga gives them permission to indulge in this!

It is especially lovely to see families bonding through creating Yoga poses and sequences together. Family Yoga is the perfect opportunity to spend some really fun quality time together, stretch out those achy bits and squeeze in some relaxation too 😉

Family Yoga sessions are priced at £9 for 1 adult and 1 child, £4 per additional child and £4 per additional adult