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123 Yoga Tree proudly sponsors Horsford FC under 9’s and has been working alongside them to develop specific team focused Yoga sessions to help the team connect and understand emotional resilience in such a competitive sport.

Aside from the obvious physical stretching and helping with core strength these sessions focus on wellbeing and understanding the team dynamic. Maintaining inner peace and calmness when tension and nerves are heightened in competitive sport is a serious skill and requires a lot of practice. Often it’s the processing of these emotions prior to and afterwards that requires some guidance and understanding.

Gemma grew up with a Football Coach as a Dad so she understands the passion and emotion that is involved in every aspect of being involved with a football club. It affects the whole family and so she wants to offer out her skills in this area to help teams develop strong bodies and strong minds, on and off the pitch .

If you would like to enquire about organising one-off sessions or a tailored program for your club to boost their wellbeing please use the contact form below and we’ll be in touch