Tween/Teen Cycle Yoga


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This groups is for tween/teen girls to come together and support each other on the journey through discovering their menstrual cycle.

So much of the time education in this area is focused on the purely the bleed and sanitary products, often giving the impression this is something that needs to be controlled and “not nice”.

This group will take the stance of honouring a young girls transition into womanhood by helping her tune in and work with her body to manage her entire monthly cycle for optimum performance! We will include menstrual cycle education and emotional awareness to help support the changing needs of the body throughout the month. As the cycle changes through the month we will include yoga poses and suggestions to assist each season of their cycle ahead as well as breathing awareness and meditation techniques.

Through this enhanced level of awareness the girls will become empowered and self-loving of their cycle and body. This is a sacred transition time that many adult women are only just becoming aware of and accepting of it’s powerful role in our lives.

If your daughter would like to join our next cycle yoga meeting please email us at