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Monday evenings 7pm – 8.30pm

Wroxham Hub with Gemma

As our audience is mainly mums this will be the community vibe have however we are welcoming of all.

Yin Yoga is a deeply connective Yoga practice that is suited to all bodies of all physical abilities. It is all about healing. Yin Yoga blends Chinese Medicine and Yoga to using positioning of the body to restore lifeforce energy of “Chi” flowing through all your body systems. Every cell in your body can be repaired and renewed by practicing self care with intention in this way.

Gemma specialises in Yin Yoga for emotional release and support. She combines this using focused breathwork methodology and meditation using hypnosis theory to make a mini-therapy retreat or spa-like experience for you.

She recognises wholeheartedly that mums need these moments.

If you have an injury – Yin Yoga is for you

If you have a illness – Yin Yoga is for you

If you are struggling with your mental health – Yin Yoga is for you

If you are looking to heal any aspect of your physical, mental, emotional, energetic or spiritual body then Yin Yoga is the place you can do it.

You do not need fitness gear, any loose clothing with do, we will not be sweating or over exerting, this is all about working with our bodys natural ability to heal through engaging the parasympathetic nervous system, working with the fascial matrix, supporting and remaining very aware of the body.