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Gemma has an up-to-date Enhanced DBS and has been working in schools across Norfolk since 2016. The type of session she is available to teach are:

  • Breakfast Clubs: Wake-up yoga to open the heart and mind ready for the day!
  • After-School Clubs: Noticing the body, reflecting on the day and releasing tension.
  • Mental Health Assemblies: Super short guided mindfulness sessions specifically for Children and their teachers (No Yoga poses)
  • Yoga Immersion Workshops: 3-4 hours involving strength poses, balances, acro yoga and breathing techniques. Group lunch together. Safe poses, body awareness, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, reflection and relaxation.
  • School Wellbeing Days: Yoga Taster sessions for multiple school classes across 1-2 days for all students and teachers.


Why Yoga In Schools?

Gemma has a Children’s Yoga program she has developed specifically for schools. It helps children recognise and acknowledge feelings of anxiety and give them confidence and skills to build a resilience “toolkit”. Her focus is on equipping students with a lifelong mindset of noticing and paying attention to what their body is telling them. Yoga in schools is playful and physical but also has an important role in improving children’s mental health. Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation has a profound effect on children’s behaviour and general wellbeing. Teachers have reported increased levels of concentration and confidence for children who regularly attend Yoga classes.

If you would like to discuss a tailored program for your school, or book a one-off class, please email to get details on prices and availability.