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What has working in schools shown us?

Today’s children are not like children were 10 or 20 years ago. They are switched on in many modern areas (like the best way to complete a level on the latest trendy game) but they are becoming disconnected in other basic human areas of emotion, spatial awareness and empathy towards others. Children are becoming more passive, reliant on outside direction and less creative. Often children are coming to school with baggage from stressful homes too. Our goal is to reconnect them with their own emotions, build a sense of self worth and develop mental resilience along with their inner voice. The underlying ethos is “we may struggle to balance but we don’t have to fall, we have the strength inside us to to stay upright”

Gemma has an up-to-date Enhanced DBS and has been working in schools across Norfolk since 2016 teaching over 2000 children. The most popular type of sessions for schools are:

Breakfast Clubs

Wake-up yoga to open the heart and mind ready for the day! Using energising and strength building poses in a positive way to set us on the right path for the day. Usually taught from 8am until the start of the school day.

Lunch Clubs

Healthy Discussion whilst stretching, bringing the mind away from the challenges of the day so far, clearing our mind and resetting ready for the afternoon. (These sessions are often funded by specific wellbeing initiatives in the school)

After-School Clubs

Noticing the body, reflecting on the day, looking at strengths/weaknesses and releasing any tension. This session is particularly focussed on building mental resilience

Mental Health Assemblies

Super short guided mindfulness sessions specifically for Children and their teachers (No Yoga poses) The focus here is to clear the mind of all the jumbled up “stuff” and reconnect using mindfulness techniques, ready to engage in the activities ahead.

Yoga Immersion Workshops (Home Educators favourite!)

3-4 hours involving strength poses, balances, acro yoga and breathing techniques. Group lunch together. Safe poses, body awareness, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, reflection and relaxation. This workshop teaches the reason why Yoga and Mindfulness helps us. Why we move the body in certain ways.

School Wellbeing Days

Short 40 minute Yoga Taster sessions for multiple school classes throughout the day for all students and teachers.

Teacher Wellbeing Yoga

Tailored specifically to help teachers unwind and destress using Yin Yoga (therapeutic) as well as understand the wellbeing effect yoga can have in their classes with children. Gemma trains teachers in holding emotional space, therefore this theory is explored and experienced within these sessions to help school teachers.

These sessions can be held before school, during lunchtime or after school.

Yoga Cards and Teacher Planning Resources

Gemma has designed her own Yoga and Mindset cards along with games and printable resources for schools. Teachers can use the cards and worksheets to help meet objectives for supporting mental health and wellbeing in their classrooms. Gemma has also written a “Teachers Guide” which is available free with a Teachers pack of our cards to help schools develop their own classes using the cards.

Why Yoga In Schools?

Gemma has a unique Children’s Yoga program she has developed specifically for schools. It helps children recognise and acknowledge feelings of anxiety and give them confidence and skills to build a resilience “toolkit”. Her focus is on equipping students with a lifelong mindset of noticing and paying attention to what their body is telling them. Yoga in schools is playful and physical but also has an important role in improving children’s mental health. Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation has a profound effect on children’s behaviour and general wellbeing. Teachers have reported increased levels of concentration and confidence for children who regularly attend Yoga classes.

If you would like to discuss a tailored program for your school, or book a one-off class, please email to discuss your requirements with Gemma or use the contact form below: