Would you like to learn how to integrate Yoga into your school classroom or community groups? Would you like to know how to specifically address anxiety and stress and help give children lifelong skills to manage these things?

Gemma has worked with a variety of schools and community groups. She is very experienced at working with children in order to help them balance out their mind during intense learning or competitive activities.

Working with teams/groups and classrooms requires an approach which raises awareness through healthy discussion and which effectively addresses a childs main stressors to help them move towards their own goals.

Gemma Page – RYTC

This course is for childcare providers such as qualified Children’s Yoga Instructors, School Teachers and Community Group Facilitators like Brownie Leaders/Scout Patrol Leaders. We specialise in working with children 6+ to 11 years.

You will learn how to structure infinate classes, covering all 4 key areas – Energy, Breathing, Physical Body and Mindfulness. The course will teach you how to:

Introduce Yoga and Mindfulness to today’s modern children who are always on the go and under pressure.

Adjust classes to match the ages/needs of the group.

Squeeze Yoga into restricted/reduced time windows and still be effective

Engage even the most challenging children to reap the benefits of Yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Including scripts and practice!