Holding healthy emotional space for children (e-training) running on Zoom monthly!

Are you unsure how to integrate yoga and emotional wellbeing into your school classroom or community group?

Do you need guidance on how to give children the skills to manage their behaviour response to emotions?

Are you experiencing emotions that are contributing to anxiety and stress in the classroom?

If this is you Gemma has developed a specific immersive training to address exactly these issues for any childcare provider.

For more information and to find out if this training is right for you apply using the form below

Feedback from our pilot trainings:

“I nearly didn’t make it because I was worried about the kids interrupting and the fact that I’d slept in and was a bit of a mess! I’m so glad I came on though. I feel like it was just really valuable and thank you for your time and effort …. honestly think you should charge more with the amount of teaching you are doing! I got so much from it, the yoga teacher I trained with was great but doesn’t run training or CPD now after an illness and as I mainly work on my own it was lovely to connect with someone and learn. I have struggled a lot this year with feeling I’m not the ‘right person’ to teach kid’s yoga, feeling that people are looking for someone more ‘zen’ than me, even though I know the kids themselves love my style of talking to them and teaching.”

Lindsay M.

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