I am…Yoga cards Teacher Pack (Tin)


3 packs of I am…Yoga Cards in Aluminium Tins

•Sturdy and Waterproof

•Hinged Lid Opening

*FREE* Printable PDF Pack for Educators

Includes over 90 worksheets and activities:

•Colouring Sheets

•Creative Drawing Sheets

•Writing Practice Sheets

•Exploring Feelings Worksheets

•Emotional Intelligence Worksheets

You will also qualify for our Teachers Guide PDF detailing how I use the cards in my group Yoga classes giving you a how-to guide to helping children to connect body & mind and recognise/overcome anxiety.

Please Note: “Teachers” can also be Parents running Children’s Groups, Teaching Assitants, Home Educators, Community Support Workers, Childcare Assitants, Health Visitors, Yoga Instructors etc

46 in stock (can be backordered)


Get all the family to get into a daily habit of positive body movement, notice how you feel and set a positive mindset intention.


Each pack contains 26 illustrated poses to help you and your child easily practice the poses. The mindset prompts can be used as affirmations or topics to discuss. Connect with your child’s emotions as well as your own.
We have included ideas and fun games for children and families to build their own practice.
The cards help to keep practice fun, mindful and empowering! Building both physical and mental strength through regular play.

The cards can be used by the whole family, in schools and homes by adults and children.

Your family will enjoy connecting with each other using these cards. Initiate body-mind connection quickly and easily in as little as 5 minutes.


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