Sample Pack: Instant Keto Coffee


On The Go Instant Coffee with Grass-Fed Butter, Collagen and MCT Oil to really power up your fitness and focus! This boost of healthy fat will even help you burn fat too!

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Instant Coffee designed to help you get FIT, FUELLED and FOCUSSED

This is not your normal coffee – it’s going to help you burn fat, fuel your body and focus your mind!

Keto Coffee is an energy-boosting beverage which combines coffee, grass-fed butter, collagen and medium-chain triglyceride oil (MCT).

It’s a powerhouse of nutrients and healthy fats which will really help you power through the morning without snacking (you won’t need to reach for the sugar)

If you are like me and fight against the sugar craving fairy daily this helps satisfy you so you don’t need all those biscuits and crackers before lunch! Personally I get so full by this coffee that I don’t have breakfast as the extra fat fuels me!

If you are on a weightloss mission this can really help you cut the sugary foods WITHOUT getting hangry – “Hangry Happens!”

The added collagen is my favourite part! Have you heard about collagen – it helps rebuild and repair your skin!

This sample pack comes with 5 serving sachets so you can notice the difference in just 5 days by replacing your normal coffee with this!

Just add a small amount of hot or cold water, mix into a paste, add more water slowly while stirring and enjoy!
You can add your normal coffee if you like a stronger coffee but you won’t need to add milk as it is already in the powder.

Soy Free
Supports the Keto Diet (Low Carbohydrate/Sugar)
Contains caffeine.
Not recommended for children or pregnant women (63mg/100ml)

Grab me at a Yoga class or order here!

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