Keto ENERGY ⚡️


🤯E – N- E – R- G- Y 🤯(Sample Pack of 3)

In a Pixie “Sweet” Stick!
All the vitamin B6 + green tea + guana = a boost of easy energy with only 5 Cals. (no artificial anything!)


▪️G R O U N B R E A K I N G ▪️
Just released – KETO ENERGY!!

What is it?!?!

Melt in your mouth lemon/lime 🍋🥤 energy, powered by a proprietary blend of Vitamin B6, chromium and encapsulated caffeine to energize your body, reduce tiredness, fight fatigue ➕ balance metabolism!

Basically a healthy sherbet!!
Think Dip Dabs!!! (Pixie Stix if you’re in the US!!). Do you remember those from the old sweet shops?

⚡️124mg caffeine per packet (same as regular cuppa)
⚡️1.6g of sugar from Palatinose (a special carb that is digested 4-5x slower than regular sugar so no sugar spike)

Who is it for?!
Shift workers, manual labourers, Fitness Instructors 😉 Tired Mums and Dads……Anyone who needs extra energy!

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