Yoga Games for Family

If you love the idea of using yoga cards in your family or kids yoga classes but aren't sure where to start...always start with a yoga game!

Kids yoga cards are a must-have for every family and children’s yoga teacher, but once you’ve got your cards, how can you use them to add even more mindful fun to your yoga classes? One of my favourite parts of teaching kids yoga is creating a fun and expressive yoga game for my regular classes to try. Here are some of my favorites! 

Yoga can be practiced everyday or even multiple times a day and help to build strong bodies and minds! Group games can be played in families or school/community groups to enhance relationships and build strong communities.

Enjoy testing out our yoga game suggestions and don’t forget, you can order your pack of Yoga cards by clicking HERE.

Game 1: See It, Say It, Do It!

  1. Place the pack of cards face down showing “Who Am I?”
  2. Choose 3 cards from the pack
  3. Turn over the first card, do the pose
  4. Notice how you feel
  5. Say the “I am…” phrase 3 times
  6. Say it quietly
  7. Say it normally
  8. Say it loudly!
  9. Notice how you feel
  10. Do the same with the other cards you chose
  11. Now you’re all done!

Game 2: Yoga Flow

This allows for some artistic expression…

  1. Choose 3 cards from the pack
  2. Lay them out in front of you
  3. Try out all of the poses
  4. Explore moving from one pose to another smoothly (like a dance)
  5. How does it feel?
  6. Rearrange the order of the cards if you want to, to get the right flow that feels good for you
  7. Put on some music and move through your Yoga flow 3 times to the music noticing how it feels each time 🙂

Game 3: Remember Me

This is great game to play if you are trying to change a mindset habit in your family as it helps remind you to think differently numerous times everyday! For example, if you want to show more gratitude, the “I am Grateful” card can be used to remind you every time you see it to think of something you are grateful for

  1. Choose whichever cards you want to encourage more of (for example an anxious child might benefit from seeing “I am Confident” or “I am Bold” or “I am Adventurous” lots of times a day)
  2. Place the card somewhere in your home where you will see it a lot, for example, on your front door as you go out? Whenever anyone sees the card they do the pose and say the phrase! (This is a whole family style game so fully expect to see Dads doing a Lion 🦁 roaring face before they leave the house just like everyone else, children love to see their parents participating and you get to grow your mindset too – win win! 🙂 )

Yoga Game 4: Yoga Snap

You know this one! It’s based on the traditional snap game but with a Yoga twist!

Share out the cards between those playing (or this game can be played alone too) and take turns to place a card in the middle showing the pose, when 2 cards match in colour jump up and do the pose! Keep playing till all the cards run out and then start again if you like! Click on the image to watch us play!

Game 5: Who Am I?

I love this game, it encourages positive communication and descriptive language between players and it’s lovely to watch children play this with each other.

One player takes a card from the pack and without looking holds it against their forehead asking “Who am I?”. The other player(s) then describe what the card shows using description and association (without actually saying what it is) the player holding the card is tasked to figure out which card it is.

You can play this many ways – either describing the picture, describing the pose (how it looks without doing the pose) or describing the phrase (without using the word) depending on the child’s age/ability you can decide which version will work best.

Game 6: Yoga Story

This is a group game.

  1. Everyone chooses a card from the pack but keeps it to themselves – don’t show anyone!
  2. The first person in the circle will start off the story by introducing their character from their card and explaining what they are doing for example One day a little boy called Robbie saw a frog in his garden….
  3. Then the next person adds to the story using something from their card and so on and so on until everyone has contributed to the story using their card

Game 7: Compliment Me

This game is an incredible self-esteem booster and great for encouraging children to focus on each other’s strengths and good qualities and tell their friends what they like about them 🙂 This works best as a group game – the more compliments the better!

  1. Place all cards pose side up in the middle of the circle (spread out so they can all be seen)
  2. Choose someone to go first – they close their eyes and hold their hands out in front of them ready to receive the cards into their hands.
  3. Everyone else takes turns to choose a card they feel describes their friend/family member. Each place a finger on the card they choose until everyone has chosen – collect up the chosen cards and give to the person with eyes closed so they can see all the compliments they’ve been given.

I really encourage you to play this game as a family and amplify each other’s strengths. My children told me it felt really good to receive the compliment cards – Who doesn’t like a compliment? Let’s encourage this in our children and our families 🙌🏻

Game 8: Yoga Puzzle

Each person takes a card and either in pairs or small groups they are tasked with fitting the two poses together. When we played this in pairs we went round the circle and each pair showed their Yoga puzzle for the rest of the group to guess the two poses they had for together 🙂

Game 9: Yoga Stick

This yoga game is based on the traditional game “Stuck in the Mud”; and requires a larger group of children.

Choose 2 players and split the card pack between them – these players will be the “stickers”. The rest of the group move around the room while the stickers attempt to catch them to give them a card. Once someone is caught and given a card they assume the pose on the card. Other players can unstick them by mirroring the pose back to them.

Game 10: How Do I Feel?

This is a 2 player game (it also works well with 2 teams)

  1. Player 1 is blindfolded, player 2 chooses a card and gets into the pose.
  2. Player 1 then feels player 2’s body to discover what pose they are in, once they have a good idea of what the pose is they then get into the pose they think player 2 is in.
  3. The blindfold comes off so that both players can look at each other and see if they are the same 🙂

Game 11: Connect With Me

This is a yoga game for 2 players or a whole family (If you are in our Customer Facebook Group you can see our video where we all connect together including Dad!)

Both players choose a card from the pack (without looking) they then have to connect the poses in some way so that both players are touching each other!

This is an endlessly creative game that usually involves children trying out various ways of connecting the poses before deciding which way they like best 😉 It works particularly well with parents and children as the parent is usually somewhat bigger than the child, what a conundrum!

Game 12: Change It!

We love the message of this game. Poses are great but did you know you can create your own poses? Do this in pairs or as a family, or even a large group!

Everyone chooses a card from the pack and gets into the pose. Now one person says “move your right arm!” and you all move your right arm into a different position of your choice! Use your own creativity and see how you feel! Next person shouts out “move your left/right arm/leg” and so on.

You can even choose to “turn your head”, “bend your knee”….the list really is endles and the game could last forever, but is that a bad thing? We love it, let us know how you get on!

You might want to call it Twister Yoga….it’s all up to YOU!


What do you think?